Dr. Matthew Guberman-Pfeffer

Postdoctoral Associate 

Baylor University, Waco, Texas,  USA 

From elucidating mechanisms of light harvesting in a protein antenna as an NSF graduate fellow at the University of Connecticut, to studying mechanisms of micron-scale electron transport in heme-based nanowires as an NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein postdoctoral fellow at Yale University, to my current positions at Baylor University, Wesleyan University, and collaborations around the world, my research seeks to disclose the “secret motions and causes” of phenomena “for the effecting of all things possible” (Sir Francis Bacon). To this end, I specialize in applying classical, quantum, and hybrid classical/quantum methodologies to better understand biologically relevant systems. 

My passion in chemistry is rooted in the use of computational methods to discern fundamental mechanistic insights that may aid the development of new compounds/materials. It is empowering to consider that every medical and material improvement in our lives has come from an increased knowledge of how to arrange timeless atoms in new ways to unleash the potential of the world in which we live.

Solutions to our current problems are hidden within the matter all around us, and I hope to contribute to the grand adventures of their discovery and applications with a team of graduate students I will have the honor to mentor in my future lab.

Academic Trajectory: